Wireless bow-shaped headphones JBL E55BT - black

Wireless bow-shaped headphones from JBL with high sound quality, BlueTooth link, built-in control in the headphone, optional detachable cable, ergonomic design, and battery life sufficiet for 16 hours of listening.

Extraordinary sound quality.

Rich, live sound with definitive bass and an espsically high level of correction.

Wireless links.

The phones work on a BlueTooth standard and allow streaming high-quality sound from the phone, tablet or computer.

Built-in control on the headphone alloes control over music and conversations.

Optional cable.

The headphones arrive with a detachable cable that allows connection by wire to hearing sources unsupported by BlueTooth. The cable is equipped with a built-in single button control and microphone a braided cloth for high durability and prevention of knots and entanglements.

Egronomic design, suitable for maximum comfort during many hours of listening, lightweight and with padded earbuds in synthetic leather covering.

Extremely long battery life.

Powerful lithium battery, sufficient for 20 hours of continuous play and quick charge with two hours only.

One year warranty.